Oz magazine fifty years on

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It all started fifty years ago this week when a couple of uni students who simply wanted to shake things up launched an audacious and highly influential magazine called OZ.

The magazine was a sensation from the first day it hit the streets. 6,000 copies were sold by lunchtime and over the next 10 years, in Sydney then London, OZ used satire, pop-art, serious journalism and psychedelic indulgence to provoke the law and push the boundaries of culture and politics. Founding editors Richard Neville and Richard Walsh reflect on the early days and with fifty years worth of hindsight consider the OZ legacy

Highlights of Happy 50th Birthday OZ with Richard Neville & Richard Walsh, Heartlands festival, Blue Mountains March 2013.


Richard Neville
Writer and founding editor of OZ magazine
Richard Walsh
Publisher and founding editor of OZ magazine
Moderator Greg Borschmann
Environment producer, RN Breakfast 
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