DECS improvement and accountability framework

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The DECS Improvement and
Accountability Framework, working
within the context of the SA Strategic
Plan and DECS Statement of
Directions supports our organisation
to achieve and sustain high
performance. It integrates processes
of improvement and accountability to
achieve effectiveness. It articulates the
way in which our schools, preschools
and children’s centres, supported by
district and state office personnel,
work to continuously improve
programs and practices.
The framework acknowledges
the professionalism of people
constantly striving for improvement in
performance and learner outcomes.
While focussing on the operation of
schools, preschools and children’s
centres, it highlights the important
roles and responsibilities of all parts
of the organisation to work together
to achieve high performance and
continuously improve.
The DECS Improvement and Accountability Framework, working within the context of the SA Strategic Plan and DECS Statement of Directions supports the departmental structure to achieve and sustain high performance. The framework integrates processes of improvement and accountability to achieve effectiveness systemically and within relative educational settings. It details the integration of service delivery, articulating the way in which our schools, preschools and children’s centres, supported by district and state office personnel, work to continuously improve programs and practices. While focussing on the operation of schools, preschools and children’s centres, it highlights the important roles and responsibilities of all parts of the organisation to work together to achieve high performance and continuously improve. The core elements of the DECS Improvement and Accountability Framework, when implemented in an integrated way, serve to improve the effectiveness of programs and practices. Each element outlines a particular focus for improvement and requirements for accountability.


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