This paper presents the results of a comprehensive survey on the attitudes of Indian citizens towards their future in the world.

Key issues covered in the poll include: Indian perceptions of India's economic future, India's role in the world, domestic policy priorities, the challenge of corruption, and relations with other countries including China, the United States and Pakistan.The India Poll 2013 is a collaboration between the Lowy Institute for International Policy and the Australia India Institute.

Key findings:

  • 74% of Indians are optimistic about the prospects for India's economy
  • 80-85% of Indians see shortages of energy, food and water as big threats to their country's security, while 94% consider Pakistan a threat, and 83% consider China a threat
  • 95% of Indians support the democratic rights of fair trial, free expression and the right to vote
  • 96% of Indians think corruption is holding India back
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