Rory Medcalf

Professor Rory Medcalf is the head of the National Security College at The Australian National University.

Disarming doubt: the future of extended nuclear deterrence in East Asia

In March 2012, leaders of many nations from across Asia and the world gathered in Seoul to oppose nuclear dangers. The Nuclear Security Summit was convened primarily to reduce the risks of nuclear terrorism. But it also involved statements and bilateral discussions about wider nuclear...

The dangers of denial: nuclear weapons in China-India relations

This Lowy Institute Analysis warns of growing security risks in the relationship between Asia's nuclear-armed rising powers China and India. The risk of nuclear confrontation between China and India is widely considered to be low, even though New Delhi cites China as a reasonfor its...

100 days of Trump: what should Asia do?

Overview Once again, Trump has broken the mould. The 100-day mark is traditionally used to assess a new administration’s progress in advancing its policy agenda. With Trump, that’s impossible. In foreign policy at least, it’s more appropriate to ask whether at the 100-day mark the...
Policy report

China’s economic leverage: perception and reality

Key points Perceptions of Australia’s vulnerability to Chinese economic pressure are exaggerated. Some individual sectors are more vulnerable than others but this does not extend to the economy as a whole. Economic pressure that would have the biggest impact on Australia, notably through the iron...

The Trump presidency and Australia’s security: don’t panic, don’t relax

Explores what the Trump presidency means for Australia and the Asian region from a security perspective. Key points: Future US international policy has become uncertain, with the unpredictability of President Trump and deep divisions in political and public opinion. Security competitors will severely test US...