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Case study

New Zealand’s Recognised Employer Scheme (RSE): 10 year longitudinal case study

This research stems from a 10-year longitudinal study of 22 ni-Vanuatu temporary migrant labourers participating in New Zealand’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE) established on 30 April 2007. This report highlights changes, challenges, experiences and opportunities during the first 10 years of RSE and makes...

Securing our energy

Securing our energy is a collection of expert essays on the challenges and opportunities of energy security, energy access and climate change.

People movement

Australia’s conversation about migrants and refugees is too often defined in the narrow terms of economic self-interests, security threats and humanitarian obligations. This publication examines many of the region’s most troubling situations of people on the move while giving considered attention to the opportunities for...
Discussion paper

Leadership challenges for the autonomous Bougainville government

This discussion paper is based on a public speech delivered by the Hon. Patrick Nisira MHR, the Vice-President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
Discussion paper

The creation of two new provinces in Papua New Guinea - a story of false starts and near fatal collisions

This discussion paper attempts to provide some insight into the creation of two new provinces in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2012.