Hugh Saddler


National Energy Emissions Audit: September 2021

This issue starts with an update in the NEEA estimate of changes in Australia’s total energy combustion emissions up to the end of June 2021. This is followed by a short section on recent trends in the emissions efficiency of new vehicles.
Policy report

Back of the pack: an assessment of Australia’s energy transition

Beyond the comparison with other countries, this paper indicates that Australia’s so-called ‘gas-fired economic recovery’ runs absolutely counter to the needs of Australia’s energy system transition, and would worsen, not improve, Australia’s emissions reduction performance.
Discussion paper

Carbon Border Adjustments: what are they and how will they impact Australia?

All G7 members have sharpened their climate and trade policies to consider the use of carbon border adjustments. This paper argues that Australia should lean in, rather than push back, on the development of such a proposal while taking advantage of the opportunities in existing...

National Energy Emissions Audit - February/March 2021

This issue of the NEEA report presents electricity-related data updated to the end of March 2021, data on gas consumption to the end of February, and petroleum product consumption to the end of January.

National Energy Emissions Audit: January 2021

This issue of the NEEA report contains data relating to electricity in the National Electricity Market updated to the end of November 2020. This includes a short summary of the very important investment initiatives in New South Wales, announced by Minister Matt Kean at the...