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Frank Muller

Discussion paper

Carbon Border Adjustments: what are they and how will they impact Australia?

All G7 members have sharpened their climate and trade policies to consider the use of carbon border adjustments. This paper argues that Australia should lean in, rather than push back, on the development of such a proposal while taking advantage of the opportunities in existing...

Critique of the McKibbin-Wilcoxen hybrid emissions trading scheme

The debate over an emissions trading system in Australia periodically refers to the claimed benefits of the so-called hybrid model of emissions trading developed by McKibbin and Wilcoxen. This model has not been subject to critical scrutiny, a gap this paper seeks to fill. The...

Competitiveness and carbon pricing: border adjustments for greenhouse policies

The Australian government has justified its failure to ratify the Kyoto Protocol by arguing that a cap on greenhouse gas emissions would have an adverse and disproportionate impact on the Australian economy because of our heavy dependence on emissions-intensive industries. Hugh Saddler, Frank Muller and...