William Maley


Australia-Afghanistan relations: reflections on a half-century

It is now fifty years since diplomatic relations were formally established between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Kingdom of Afghanistan. This paper explores some of the key dimensions of the development of the relationship.

People movement

Australia’s conversation about migrants and refugees is too often defined in the narrow terms of economic self-interests, security threats and humanitarian obligations. This publication examines many of the region’s most troubling situations of people on the move while giving considered attention to the opportunities for...

Australia and the Middle East

Rod Lyon and William Maley look at Australia's interests in the Middle East from two very different perspectives: that of the strategic analyst, and that of the regional expert, enriched by a close knowledge of the countries and cultures of the Middle East. Australia’s interests...

A long hot summer

This paper explores the implications of the looming Taliban Spring offensive on the international reconstruction and security effort in Afghanistan. It is argued that a more aggressive posture by Coalition forces toward the Taliban and more concerted international pressure on Pakistan is needed to ensure...

A deadly new front opens up

With the assassination of one of its best provincial governors, Afghanistan could be on the brink of a fresh disaster, writes William Maley.