Policy Forum


Evidence is a policymaker’s biggest weapon

Researchers have a responsibility to link their work to the issues facing the world – to provide general insight, but also to help policy-makers evaluate how best to solve them, Jacquelyn Zhang writes.

Policy File: five years of policy problems

To celebrate five years of Policy Forum, their special InFocus section is hearing back from the authors of some of the most popular articles on some crucial policy questions. In this article, Patrick Cooney reflects on what has and hasn’t changed since 2014, and on...

Good policy needs good data: why is it locked up?

Crunching official data helps evaluate policies. Potential embarrassment is the wrong reason for governments to keep it under wraps, Warwick McKibbin and Robert Breunig write.

A new era for science in forest policy

Australian forest policy is in need of an overhaul, and integrating research with decision making is a crucial piece of that puzzle, Rod Keenan writes.

Mental health policy at a crossroads

Policymakers are coming together and offering ideas to tackle Australia’s growing mental health policy problems, but the government must respond to the call too, Sebastian Rosenberg writes.