Robert Breunig

Working paper

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses in the Australian tax system: tax reform will be required for recovery

This working paper argues that a public policy and structural reform priority should be placed on coordinated actions to amend the Australian tax system in ways that reduce fiscal vulnerabilities and improve societal wellbeing.

Bowling with Trump: economic anxiety, racial identification, and well-being in the 2016 Presidential election

Why did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential election? Numerous reasons were canvassed in the aftermath of the result. The authors of this report outline some interesting research that reveals some answers.
Working paper

Inflation variability across Australian households: implications for inequality and indexation policy

This paper considers the inflation experience of Australian households in different parts of the income distribution.
Working paper

The Australian tax planning playbook: volume 1

This paper presents some of the simpler strategies that are part of the ‘Tax Planning Playbook’. In doing so, it shows how tax planning is available to people across the income distribution. It also raises questions about the longer-term sustainability of Australia’s tax system.

Good policy needs good data: why is it locked up?

Crunching official data helps evaluate policies. Potential embarrassment is the wrong reason for governments to keep it under wraps, Warwick McKibbin and Robert Breunig write.