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Changing nature of patents in Australia

The digital revolution and continued globalisation have caused a paradigm shift in every aspect of the economy, including the innovation environment. The author of this paper argues that these shifts could have implications not only for the future of innovation in Australia, but also for...
Working paper

The principles and practice of local government in the Australian three-tiered system of government

This paper discusses the role of local government in the three-tiered system of government in Australia, with special reference to the roles of state and local government in New South Wales.
Working paper

On the way out: government revenues from fossil fuels in Australia

This paper reviews the implications of the ongoing energy transition for government revenues from fossil fuel extraction and use and discusses policy options in response.
Working paper

Greedy jobs, labour market institutions, and the gender pay gap

This paper argues that eliminating occupational gender earnings gaps will require changing the nature of 'greedy' jobs.
Working paper

Lifecycle earnings risk and insurance: new evidence from Australia

This paper studies the nature of earnings dynamics in Australia, using the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey 2001-2020.