David Brewster

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Ocean horizons: strengthening maritime security in Indo-Pacific island states

This report examines how Pacific island countries (PICs) and Indian Ocean island states (IO island states) are managing and prioritising their maritime security challenges. These islands, which the authors refer to as the ‘Indo-Pacific island states’, face an intricate offshore tapestry, with the report suggesting...

Environmental security in the eastern Indian Ocean, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: a risk mapping approach

This report arises from an Australia–France–India strategic dialogue held in New Delhi in January 2018. It builds on a French proposal introduced at that meeting. Australian researchers performed the risk mapping for the eastern Indian Ocean. French researchers will produce a risk assessment for the...

Australia’s second sea: facing our multipolar future in the Indian Ocean

This report argues that Australia needs a comprehensive strategy for the Indian Ocean that articulates our regional objectives and outlines a whole-of-government approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by the region.

100 days of Trump: what should Asia do?

Overview Once again, Trump has broken the mould. The 100-day mark is traditionally used to assess a new administration’s progress in advancing its policy agenda. With Trump, that’s impossible. In foreign policy at least, it’s more appropriate to ask whether at the 100-day mark the...

Australia, India and the United states: the challenge of forging new alignments in the Indo-Pacific

Introduction The rise of Asia’s two giants, China and India, is forcing Australia to re-examine its understanding of the regional order that has existed since the 1940s. There has been much debate about the choices that Australia faces with a rising China, but there has...