Richard Herr


Sliding-door moments: ANZUS and the Blue Pacific

This report examines some key ‘sliding-door’ moments that have shaped the trajectory of ANZUS in the Pacific Island region over seven decades, to reach the current confused state within the alliance regarding its aims in the Pacific Islands.

Economic coercion in Indo-Pacific island states: building resilience

Indo-Pacific island states face diverse challenges as they grapple with their own unique vulnerabilities to the geopolitical consequences of growing strategic competition in the region. This report explores the vulnerability of island states to economic coercion and the risks they face in navigating the growing...

Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands: the yin and yang of soft power

This report finds that the concept of “soft power” is an overrated explanation for Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands. The buzzword often disguises more than it reveals about Chinese influence in Australia’s nearest region.

Agenda for change 2019: strategic choices for the next government

This publication contains thirty short essays that cover a vast range of subjects, from the big geostrategic challenges of our times, through to defence strategy; border, cyber and human security; and key emergent technologies.

Our near abroad: Australia and Pacific islands regionalism

This report suggests that with rising Chinese influence in the region, the US appears to doubt that Australia can deliver on South Pacific issues. The Pacific Island members of the United Nations now meet under the rubric of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States that...