Lisa Sharland


Evolution of the protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping

This special report draws together some analysis reflecting on developments in protection of civilians (PoC) in the context of UN peacekeeping over the last decade, with a particular focus on the role that member states have in shaping the future of PoC.

Women, peace and security: defending progress and responding to emerging challenges

This series of articles offers a timely opportunity to assess progress and identify some of the challenges that need further examination as the international community prepares to mark twenty years since the adoption of the first UN Security Council resolution on women, peace and security...

Agenda for change 2019: strategic choices for the next government

This publication contains thirty short essays that cover a vast range of subjects, from the big geostrategic challenges of our times, through to defence strategy; border, cyber and human security; and key emergent technologies.

How peacekeeping policy gets made: Navigating intergovernmental processes at the UN

This paper examines the intergovernmental processes and partnerships that support and guide the development of UN peacekeeping policy to identify what needs to be considered to build consensus on its future direction.

More than submarines: new dimensions in the Australia–France strategic partnership

This compendium examines the France–Australia relationship, bringing together experts from each country to explore our shared histories and plot a course for where we might take the relationship in the future.