International Peace Institute


Women, peace, and security mandates for UN peacekeeping operations: assessing influence and impact

Peacekeeping mission mandates now routinely include language on women, peace, and security (WPS). This paper examines the factors that influence the inclusion of language on WPS in UN peacekeeping mandates and how this language influences the implementation of the WPS agenda in the field, focusing...

How peacekeeping policy gets made: navigating intergovernmental processes at the UN

This paper examines the intergovernmental processes and partnerships that support and guide the development of UN peacekeeping policy to identify what needs to be considered to build consensus on its future direction.

The mission to stop Ebola: lessons for UN crisis response

Overview The Ebola outbreak of 2014–2016 was a fast-moving, multidimensional emergency that presented unprecedented challenges for the multilateral system. In response to the outbreak in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the UN established the first-ever emergency health mission, the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response...

Healing or harming? United Nations peacekeeping and health

This report explores the complex relationship between UN peacekeeping and health. In terms of challenges, it finds a need for greater attention to medical checks and health care provision for peacekeepers both before and during deployment.