John Coyne


Developing Australia’s critical minerals and rare earths: implementing the outcomes from the 2023 Darwin Dialogue

Critical minerals and rare earths are the building blocks for emerging and future technologies, inseparable from the supply chains of manufacturing and clean energy production. This report makes a number of recommendations for government and the private sector to support the development of viable, competitive...

Incels in Australia: the ideology, the threat, and a way forward

This report explores the phenomenon of ‘incels’—involuntary celibates—and the misogynistic ideology that underpins a subset of this global community of men that has become a thriving Internet subculture. It examines how online spaces are providing a platform for gender-based, violent extremism.

Agenda for change 2022: shaping a different future for our nation

This publication is being released in anticipation of a federal election as a guide for the next government within its first months and over the full term. This 2022 agenda acknowledges that an economically prosperous and socially cohesive Australia is a secure and resilient Australia.

Collaborative and agile: intelligence community collaboration insights from the United Kingdom and the United States

The central aim of this report is to generate insights from the US and UK intelligence communities’ collaboration efforts. It identifies insights, so that members of Australia’s national intelligence community can use them to enhance the collaboration and agility for the purpose of giving Australian...

New beginnings: rethinking business and trade in an era of strategic clarity and rolling disruption

This special report considers the relationship between Australia's business and trade positioning in the context of the impacts of COVID-19, natural disasters and the actions of coercive trading partners.