Auckland Council research strategy and priority research areas 2013 - 2016

New Zealand Auckland

The purpose of this strategy is to provide direction for Auckland Council’s research activity in alignment with the council’s priorities. Specifically, this strategy recognises the requirement to prioritise high- quality research to support the implementation and evaluation of the Auckland Plan.


The Auckland Plan sets the long-term (30-year) direction for Auckland with thirteen strategic directions across social, economic, environmental and cultural domains. These strategic directions, and their associated priorities, provide the framework for this research strategy.

This strategy aims to ensure that Auckland Council’s research activities contribute to the development of a sound evidence base to inform, support and evaluate the delivery of the strategic directions. The delivery of high- quality research plays an essential role in providing the evidence base for the council’s activities.

Research is an organised and systematic process of discovery. It is organised because it is planned and focused, with a clearly defined scope related to the research question. It is systematic because it proceeds through a sequence of development, testing, and evaluation to ensure accurate results.

Research can involve a variety of activities and methods, from small-scale, issue- specific questions to large-scale, multi- organisation research programmes.

Ongoing data collection and monitoring is a vital component of the research effort, as it allows the council to measure progress over time against desired outcomes, and to identify future trends.

The principles and key result areas of the council’s research activity are described in this strategy. Together, these seek to ensure the council’s research investment:

  • is of high-quality and focused on areas of strategic priority
  • is able to respond to changing and emerging issues
  • provides a platform for innovation, business improvement, and enhanced organisational effectiveness
  • maximises strategic alliances.
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