20 Mar 2019

This strategy shows how Auckland Council, corporate partners and community groups are planning towards increasing the average canopy cover from 18 to 30 per cent.

Conference paper

1 Nov 2018

Public transport customer amenities cover a range of ancillary improvements which are not directly related to operations or service quantity but can enhance the quality of the passenger experience. Examples include information provision, passenger facilities, station/stop quality and personal security measures. While much research has...


22 Jun 2018

Melbourne is a highly creative city that recognises the role creativity plays in expressing our identity, creating a sense of belonging and transforming our economy. The expiry of the city's Arts Strategy 2014–17 provides a fresh opportunity to take a new look at creativity, bearing...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Although urban sprawl has been largely discussed, the range of determinants for the incorporation of rural lands remain less systematised and mainly framed by transport improvements, housing shortage and land-market constraints. Because of that, measures to tackle impacts of sprawl are lacking considering determinants operate...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

The conversion of former industrial buildings and identifying heritage as a commodity has become a pervasive trend, especially over the last decade. Adaptive re-use of old industrial buildings is often seen as an alternative to demolition and replacement and as the primary development solution for...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Auckland has 47% of New Zealand’s multi-owned properties, and they account for 31% of all properties in Auckland. These multi-owned properties are either unit titles (strata titles), or cross leases. Cross leases are a unique form of property ownership developed by a lawyer in the...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Transport planning in Auckland provides limited opportunities for genuine public involvement in defining transport problems and their solutions. In recent years, this scenario has changed due to the emergence of proactive community groups in transport planning debate in Auckland. The purpose of this paper is...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Susan Fainstein has called on planners to resume advocating for disadvantaged communities in their urban plans and policies to create the ‘just city.’ Such an approach would assess land-use policy against the principles of equity, diversity and democracy. However, planning systems strongly influenced by the...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Although the service hub concept is most commonly associated with deprived areas of the North American inner city, similar clusters of facilities can also be found in other contexts. In this paper, we conceptualise urban campgrounds in Auckland, New Zealand as small-scale service hubs for...

Journal article

12 Apr 2018

This article examines women’s local government representation following amalgamation to form a super-sized city authority, Auckland, which covers a third of New Zealand’s population. Using a gender perspective, it analyses the promise implicit in amalgamation rhetoric that democratic gaps in representation, including the gender gap,...

Discussion paper

19 Oct 2017

Auckland is confronted with a three-sided growth challenge. There are not enough homes, there is growing traffic congestion and solving either problem is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Policy report

A report on the findings from the Auckland Housing Summit held on 1 August 2017
1 Sep 2017

This document is a report on the findings from the day which was framed around the three key topics: Why housing matters; A vision for Auckland; and Acting for change.


NZIER report to the Employers and Manufacturers Association, Infrastructure New Zealand, Auckland International Airport Ltd, Ports of Auckland Ltd, National Road Carriers Association
3 Aug 2017

Takes a detailed look at the social and economic costs of congestion to Auckland’s lifestyle and economy.

Policy report

12 Jul 2017

Investigates the political and economic aspects of the Auckland Unitary Plan in the context of historical and contemporary processes of capitalist displacement of the poor and marginalised.


21 Apr 2017

This study is a survey of residents in the newly created community of Waimahia Inlet in South Auckland, New Zealand. The overall objective of the research is to determine if quality of life has improved (or not) since moving into Waimahia. It is an area...


6 Dec 2016

Second Ave is an Adult fiction novel set during a decade in the surly 1970s in a grunty little neighbourhood in Auckland. Dad reckons he’s living in paradise cause he’s moved the family to Second Ave where the Tip Top Bread Factory and the Kiwi...

Journal article

30 Nov 2016

Auckland is a city-region under intense political pressure. Migration and development are transforming streetscapes and communities. Local government has to plan and budget for significant investments in infrastructure as the city grows, and there is no strategy that pleases all sectors of residents at once....

Other text

27 Nov 2016

Using contemporary and traditional forms of technology and textiles, this project aims to give the South Auckland community a voice, and to share the community’s unique nature. Within a participatory design approach and an action research framework, South Auckland residents contributed stories, thoughts and perspectives...

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context - The study investigates relationships of winter indoor relative humidity and R-value of building envelope of the Auckland houses.

Methodology / Approach – Field study of indoor micro climatic conditions. Air temperatures and relative humidity adjacent to floors and ceilings of...


21 Nov 2016

The Child Disability Allowance (CDA) is a non-income tested payment, paid to the carer of a child under 18 years with a serious disability or health condition in recognition of the extra care and attention required for that child. Research has shown that there is...



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