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COVID-19 response impacts report 2020/21

The Arts and Culture COVID Recovery Programme was designed to deliver short-term relief as well as longer-term support for the arts and culture sector, which was hit hard by COVID-19. This document reports on the programme's impact.

Understanding the value of creative spaces

This report presents key findings from a survey of creative spaces throughout New Zealand, intended to provide decision-makers and agencies with information about the sector to better understand how it operates, the services it provides and to whom.
Discussion paper

Culture, wellbeing, and the Living Standards Framework: a perspective

The purpose of this discussion paper is to analyse culture and wellbeing in the context of the Living Standards Framework (LSF). It provides an integrated analysis of how culture might be embedded in the LSF and the LSF Dashboard. Questions for discussion are included at...
Discussion paper

Exploring digital convergence: issues for policy and legislation

Introduction The aim of this paper is to spark public debate on the implications of convergence in the telecommunications, information technology, media and entertainment (TIME) sectors, and the New Zealand Government’s proposed response. Convergence is a term used to describe the common delivery of previously...

Cultural indicators for New Zealand 2009

New Zealand research shows that almost three quarters of those surveyed think that culture and cultural activities are very, extremely or critically important to our sense of national identity. The Cultural Statistics programme is based on the New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics Te Anga...