Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (New Zealand)

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Discussion paper

Developing the Aotearoa New Zealand aerospace strategy: consultation document

Responses to this consultation paper will inform the final aerospace strategy, which aims to support the further growth of an internationally competitive Aotearoa New Zealand aerospace sector that is thriving, innovative and safe.
Working paper

The evolution of management practices in New Zealand

This paper examines the evolution of management practices in New Zealand, decomposing the overall change in the prevalence of particular practices between 2005 and 2017.
Discussion paper

Proposed review framework for the list of occupational diseases in the Accident Compensation Act 2001

This discussion document provides a review of Schedule 2 of the New Zealand Accident Compensation Act 2001. The New Zealand Government welcomes views on the proposed framework, alternative options and/or any other relevant points.
Literature review

New Zealand’s areas of (economic) strength

This report presents the findings of a literature review about New Zealand’s areas of economic strength (and critical weakness) compared with other countries
Discussion paper

A New Zealand income insurance scheme: a discussion document

This discussion document proposes a new way of protecting workers and the economy - a New Zealand income insurance scheme.