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Guanyu Zheng

Working paper

Benchmarking New Zealand's frontier firms

This study compares the relative performance of New Zealand’s firms to those economies using novel cross-country microdata from CompNet. The authors present stylised facts for New Zealand relative to the economies of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden based on average productivity levels, as well...

Job-to-job transitions and the regional job ladder

This paper uses linked employee-employer data to examine the frequency with which workers change jobs in New Zealand, wage premiums associated with these job transitions, and the impact of house prices on worker mobility.
Working paper

New jobs, old jobs: the evolution of work in New Zealand’s cities and towns

This paper uses census data to document and analyse the changing nature of jobs in regional New Zealand between 1976 and 2013.

Productivity by the numbers: 2019

This report shows New Zealand’s productivity performance at the level of the total economy, sectors, and individual industries. It illustrates trends in New Zealand’s productivity performance through time and compared to other OECD countries. It presents figures on business dynamics and the use of inputs...
Working paper

Do New Zealand firms catch up to the domestic productivity frontier?

Explores technological diffusion among New Zealand firms using a model of convergence in which a firm’s multi-factor productivity (MFP) growth depends on its ability to catch up to its industry’s productivity frontier.