New Zealand Productivity Commission

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A quantitative analysis of disadvantage and how it persists in Aotearoa New Zealand

This report estimates the scale of persistent disadvantage in New Zealand across three domains, and examines who is more likely to experience it.

Productivity by the numbers: 2023

The publication is a key resource aimed to inform and generate discussion about lifting New Zealand’s productivity. It provides an assessment of the performance of the New Zealand economy and a simple framework to help people understand productivity.

A fair chance for all: breaking the cycle of persistent disadvantage - final report

This final report from the New Zealand Productivity Commission's inquiry found that people experiencing disadvantage and those trying to support them are constrained by powerful system barriers. Barriers include siloed and fragmented government agencies and 'short-termism'. These barriers make it very hard for those experiencing...

Causal diagrams to support 'a fair chance for all'

This report contains causal diagrams the New Zealand Productivity Commission commissioned Deliberate to provide to help summarise the complex interactions and tensions that have been identified in the 'A Fair Chance for All' inquiry.

Frontier Firms follow-on review

This report details the New Zealand Productivity Commission's findings and recommendations in its follow-on review of its New Zealand firms.