New Zealand Productivity Commission


Frontier firms: an international small advanced economy perspective

The aim of this paper is to offer some perspectives on the type of policy interventions that will lead to material improvement in New Zealand’s productivity.
Discussion paper

New Zealand firms: reaching for the frontier

New Zealand’s productivity has long lagged behind other developed economies. The Productivity Commission has published this issues paper for its inquiry into lifting the performance of New Zealand’s “frontier firms”. These are the country's most productive firms, and they play a crucial role in the...

Technological change and the future of work

The document reports the findings from a government inquiry into technological change, disruption and the future of work.

Job-to-job transitions and the regional job ladder

This paper uses linked employee-employer data to examine the frequency with which workers change jobs in New Zealand, wage premiums associated with these job transitions, and the impact of house prices on worker mobility.

New Zealanders' attitudes towards robots and AI

Robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies have become very newsworthy around the globe (NZPC, 2019). The news coverage is overwhelmingly pessimistic – for individuals and society in general. But does that coverage translate into negative attitudes for the population as a whole?