New Zealand Productivity Commission

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A fair chance for all: breaking the cycle of persistent disadvantage - interim report

The Productivity Commission has commenced an inquiry into economic inclusion and social mobility in New Zealand, with a focus on helping those experiencing persistent disadvantage. These preliminary findings and recommendations have been released so the final report can benefit from review and critique by a...
Working paper

Migration and firm-level productivity

Migration is an important element in the functioning of the world economy. As well as alleviating domestic labour shortages, migrant workers bring new knowledge and skills which can boost the productivity of the firms they work in. This paper examines how migrants contribute to productivity...

Data-led approach to identifying skills shortages

The Productivity Commission asked Taylor Fry to provide this report scoping the feasibility of a data-based model of skill and occupational shortages in New Zealand.

Immigration – fit for the future

This inquiry considers what working-age immigration policy settings would best facilitate New Zealand’s long-term economic growth and promote the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

Together alone: a review of joined-up social services

This report reviews the evidence around collaborative initiatives intended to reduce persistent disadvantage in Aotearoa New Zealand.