Advancing with Australia: New Zealand Inc Australia strategy

Australia New Zealand

This strategy sets out a framework for advancing New Zealand's relationship with Australia.


Australia is our closest ally, and our closest partner when pursuing our interests on the regional and world stage.

The NZ Inc Australia Strategy is part of a broader series of plans of action for strengthening New Zealand’s economic, political and security relationships with key international partners. The strategies support the government’s priorities of building a more productive and competitive economy, and delivering better public services. They will play an important role in building exports in the government’s Business Growth Agenda. The Australia Strategy sets out the vision that New Zealand realises the full potential of its unique relationship with Australia, building a stronger future together.

Many New Zealand businesses are already well established in Australia, and NZ Inc agencies have worked to create strong connections through structured trans-Tasman work programmes and cooperation on the international stage. A good example is our development partnership in the Pacific.

Citizens of both countries move freely across the Tasman to seek opportunities and create wealth. Over 500,000 New Zealanders live in Australia and 60,000 Australians live in New Zealand. We help each other out when disaster strikes. The speed and scale of the Australian response to the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake bore testimony to Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s words, “New Zealand alone is family”.

Given the breadth and depth of the relationship, and the close connection between its various facets, we need to view it in its entirety. For example, it is just as important that we consider jointly how to manage our common security interests as it is for us to look at how we can pursue economic opportunities together. The NZ Inc Australia Strategy highlights what actions we can take over the next five years to strengthen our relationship and increase the returns to New Zealand from the special opportunities Australia offers. This programme of action is focused on six goals, covering the political, security, trade, investment, science and innovation, and economic integration aspects of the relationship.

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