Report of the Maternity Services Review

Maternal health services Australia

The aims of this Review were to:
* elicit a range of perspectives on maternity services in Australia
* identify key gaps in current arrangements
* determine what change is required
* determine what is needed for change to occur, and
* inform the priorities for national action, and the development of the Plan.

It considered issues relevant to maternity services, including antenatal services, birthing options, postnatal services up to six weeks after birth, and peer and social support for women in the perinatal period.

Overall, the recommendations of this Report, if accepted and incorporated in the Plan, would continue to provide Australian women with safe, high-quality maternity care but would support an expanded role for appropriately qualified and experienced midwives and increase the range of collaborative models of maternity care available. Such changes would take place within a model of collaborative care drawing on the expertise of the diverse health professionals involved in maternity care—and within an evidence-based safety and quality framework.

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