Steampunk: where history and the future collide


Steampunk is a burgeoning subculture. Part Victorian gothic, part sci-fi fantasy, it’s growing in popularity and ambition. At first glance, Steampunk represents an alternative technological vision of the future—one powered by steam rather than modern forms of energy.

But at its heart, it’s not really about technology at all, it’s a playful challenge to our perceptions of modernity—from fashion to music to art to literature.


Libby Bulloff
Writer and editor for Steampunk Magazine, professional graphic designer, photographer, and videographer.
Cherie Priest
Writer and author of the Boneshaker series of Steampunk novels.
Brian David Johnson
Futurist at Intel and co-author of 'Vintage Tomorrows: A Historian And A Futurist Journey Through Steampunk Into The Future of Technology'.
Pia Waugh
Australian steampunk fan.
Cliff Overton
Member of the Australian Steampunk community- also known as Mad Uncle Cliff.
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