Future of Australian music


Never before has it been easier for Australian artists to record and distribute their music. The digital age has lead to a plethora of easily available music.  But in a vast sea of music, how do you get your songs heard? At this year’s Big Sound conference, a panel of music industry insiders talk to Paul Barclay about ‘the future of Australian music’.  Much has changed since the days of 70’s ‘pub  rock’, so what does it now take to make it big here and overseas? Is performing live more important than ever?   How will we discover, consume and listen to music in the future?


Kathy McCabe
National Music Writer for News Corp Australia.
Millie Millgate
Executive Producer, Sounds Australia.
Andy Kent
Band member & manager, You Am I.  Manager of Tim Rogers.  Operations Manager, Love Police Touring. 
Nick Findlay
Assistant Music Director, Triple J
Michael Chugg
Rock promoter, Chugg Entertainment, Chugg Music.

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