Copyright is dead, long live the pirates: an IQ debate


Films, TV shows, books and music—we consume them all in droves but how many actually pay for it? As soon as something is released and sometimes even before it’s launched a pirated copy is out there on the internet. It’s exasperating for those who successfully create, invest in and produce the content only to watch as the financial rewards disappear.

But if the cut and paste generation continue to resist constraint and if the digital age has become such fertile ground for the pirates should we just give up and proclaim that copyright is dead?

This segment presents highlights of Copyright is dead - long live the pirates: an Intelligence Squared debate, Melbourne Town Hall, presented by the Wheeler centre and the St James Ethics centre, 24th September 2013.

Guests include Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Michael Fraser, Simon Groth, Lori Flekser, Angela Daly, and Elmo Keep.

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