Sentencing Advisory Council annual report 2012–2013

15 Oct 2013

This report details Victoria's Sentencing Advisory Council's work, delivery of outputs and financial management for the year.


The Sentencing Advisory Council is an independent statutory body that was established in July 2004 under Part 9A of the Sentencing Act 1991 (Vic).

The Council’s functions, as set out in section 108C(1) of that Act, are:

(a) to state in writing to the Court of Appeal its views in relation to the giving, or review, of a guideline judgment;

(b) to provide statistical information on sentencing, including information on current sentencing practices, to members of the judiciary and other interested persons;

(c) to conduct research, and disseminate information to members of the judiciary and other interested persons, on sentencing matters;

(d) to gauge public opinion on sentencing matters;

(e) to consult, on sentencing matters, with government departments and other interested persons and bodies as well as the general public; and

(f) to advise the Attorney-General on sentencing matters.

The Council was established to allow properly ascertained and informed public opinion to be taken into account in the criminal justice system on a permanent and formal basis. This is in part achieved through the membership of the Council, because it is comprised of people with a wide range of backgrounds, including those with broad community experience in issues affecting courts, as well as police, legal practitioners, members of victim of crime support or advocacy groups and others with broad experience in the operation of the criminal justice system.

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