The Open Innovation Programme: blog series

7 Nov 2013


Introduction: Funded by the Cabinet Office, the Innovation in Giving Fund supports innovations that aim to get many more people involved in giving time, money, skills and resources to the causes they care about. Nesta set out to find and support the most exciting innovators; to help them bring their ideas to life; and to help the most promising ideas and organisations grow their impact and reach many more people. We also wanted to encourage established charities and public services to embrace these new ways of giving.

This publication focuses on the work that Nesta carried out with ten large charities to test out their ideas for new ways of increasing giving of time and money. We worked with the team at 100%Open who supported the charities to carry out their plans and to help them to make the most of the new partnerships and approaches that their projects created.

The approaches taken were varied, and many of them changed course and overcame a wide range of challenges along their way. We asked the 100%Open mentoring team to put together their thoughts and advice for other charities based on what they learned through working with the projects first-hand.

We’re pleased to publish this insight in the form of a series of articles aimed at charity leaders who are thinking about how to manage an innovation process within their own organisation. The articles explore some of the common themes to be aware of and distil some practical tips and insights gained through working with the charities over the past 18 months. We hope that they provide a useful insight into applied innovation in the charity and voluntary sector.

Project profiles in brief

Age UK
Trialling a new system for trading volun- teer skills for donations working with the online exchange platform Ecomodo.

Childrens Society
Piloting a locally focused ‘pop-up’ experience to engage new givers working with support from The Giving Lab.

Keep Britain Tidy
Creating an online network of supporters and incentivising participation, engaging with a range of eco-friendly commercial ‘rewards partners’.

Scaling up the organisation by testing ways of replicating community hubs in partnership with local organisations

Marie Curie
Creating an online gaming platform to engage new donors through working with commercial games experts.

Testing an approach to online giving in schools working with The Giving Lab.

National Trust
Demonstrating how large corporates can engage employee volunteers as families.

Scope and WWF
Formed a partnership that is studying how to increase a wider culture of giving including a donor ‘swap’.

United Response
Testing an unfamiliar approach to fundraising through locally led events working with a range of online service providers.

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