Reflections on solidarity with East Timor

Australia Timor-Leste

Pat Walsh, Adviser on Transitional Justice to President Xanana Gusmao of Timor Leste, emphasizes the critical contribution made to the eventual achievement of Timor's independence by international civil society and its continuing importance. Closely associated with the Timor Leste Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR), Walsh notes the close documentation in the Commission's report of global civil society's 'remarkable gift of solidarity' to Timor-Leste. Finally, Walsh's discussion of many decades of solidarity with East Timor concludes with a personal evaluation of the country after the crisis of mid-2006. The situation is precarious and fragile and formidable challenges, especially in delivering justice and economic opportunity, are still ahead, but Timor is not a failed state. Constitutional processes have been followed and calls for extra-constitutional quick fixes have not been heeded.

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