World cities culture report 2013

Australia New South Wales

Commissioned by the Mayor of London in partnership with the other cities signed up to the World Cities Culture Forum, this report contains a wealth of new information and data on the role that culture and cultural policy plays in these cities. It encompasses formal cultural activity, such as museums, galleries and concert halls, and informal activity such as outdoors arts and festivals, and bars and restaurants. The report considers 22 cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Montréal, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

This report has been prepared by BOP Consulting ( Paul Owens, Chris Gibbon, Ulrike Chouguley, Matthieu Prin, Richard Naylor, Cecilia Dinardi, Yan Woon, Yvonne Lo.

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