Japan and India as partners for the peace and stability of Asia

13 Jul 2007

India and Japan should set out in concrete terms the political, economic and other goals of their 'strategic global partnership'. India should strengthen its commitments to East Asia. India and Japan must convince Beijing that the world, particularly Asia, has a better chance of achieving peace and stability if the three Asian heavyweights work closely together.

Hiroshi Hirabayashi, a councilor of the Japan Forum on International Relations who is expected to become the president of the Japan-India Association soon and served as Ambassador of Japan to India between 1998 and 2002, writes, 'In the Asian theater in particular, where numerous elements of insecurity persist, it [India] is expected to become a guarantor of peace and stability. This will be more effective if India strengthens its partnership with Japan, an increasingly proactive contributor to this end.'

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