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Tasmania’s plan for physical activity 2011–2021

16 Feb 2011

Aiming to realise the statement: "All Tasmanians experience and enjoy the many benefits of regular physical activity", this policy has four goals. While each has its own distinct focus, they are all connected.

GOAL 1: Become a community that values and supports physical activity

GOAL 2: Create built and natural environments that enable and encourage physical activity

GOAL 3: Develop partnerships that build and share knowledge and resources

GOAL 4: Increase opportunities for all Tasmanians to be physically active where they live, work and play

There are also two main measures of progress: statistics and stories.

1. Statistics – 10 per cent in 10 years

We are aiming for a 10 percentage point increase in the rates of participation in physical activity by different age groups by 2021.

2. Stories – 1000 stories in 10 years

We are aiming to gather stories about people participating in regular physical activity and how it has made a difference to their enjoyment of life. Tasmanians are invited to submit stories in text, images, video, audio and other art forms, by either uploading them onto an interactive website or posting them in to be uploaded. The target is 100 stories each year, which will be publicised throughout the state to help inspire and encourage us all. All up, we are aiming for 1000 stories by 2021. 

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