AusPlay - participation data for the sport sector: summary of key national findings

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The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has released initial findings of the most comprehensive national population tracking survey into sport and physical activity in Australia.

The report provides the sport sector with vital insights into participation for adults and children, the barriers to physical activity and inform strategy.

Findings from the first 12 months of AusPlay data show 2.5 million Australian children (54%) aged 0 to 14 are active at least once a week through organised sport/physical activity outside of school hours. Only 19% or 0.9 million children are active at least three times per week.

The findings highlight the critical role of sport and physical activity programs in schools to maintain satisfactory activity levels of Australian children.

Swimming was the highest rated organised sport played outside school for Australian children, with football in second.

For sports played in sport clubs however, football is the top sport among adults and children combined. Sport clubs are the primary avenue for children to be active (except for children aged 0–4). Participation in club sports peaks between 9-11 then drops off, particularly for girls.

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