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Abstract: Food security has emerged as a trending issue in urban areas with the threat of climate change, unhealthy lifestyles, and reduced open space in urbanised environments. It is assumed that this is caused by a number of economic and policy factors, as well as urban planning and transport planning implications and a general lack of knowledge and skills for nutrition and household budgeting. The aim of this paper is to understand whether an integrated approach that incorporates the ideas of planners, urban designers, landscape architects, health professionals and the food industry could improve food security. The City of Charles Sturt is used as a case study. A number of key stakeholders of food security have been interviewed to determine the key challenges and recommendations for food security both at the state and local government level. A food security policy has been identified as the key solution for the City of Charles Sturt to improve food security in the area, but it is understood that the key to its success is the knowledge and awareness of the community and their adoption of the initiatives. There is a need to adopt an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to food security with several government departments sharing knowledge and collaborating within their respective roles, across the three tiers of government and community.

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