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Mesothelioma in Australia: cresting the third wave

Public health Asbestos Mesothelioma Australia

There has been much recent commentary about the ‘third wave’ of asbestos-related disease, arising particularly from exposures of people repairing, renovating or demolishing buildings that contain asbestos. The presence and extent of a third wave, however, are difficult to assess, and the extent and risk of both occupational and non-occupational third-wave exposures are largely unmeasured. Moreover, we lack information on the extent of deterioration of in situ asbestos, and its significance for ambient and third-wave exposures.

This paper considers the available evidence about the third wave. It proposes approaches to obtaining the information needed to properly estimate the risk of third-wave exposures, and guide actions that will crest a likely third wave with minimum harm and cost to the community.

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