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Integrated carbon metrics (ICM): scoping study results and industry utilisation workshop notes

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In order to ensure that the Integrated Carbon Metrics (ICM) project meets industry and user needs, a scoping study was conducted within Australia with construction industry professionals. The aim of the study included the following: Gain an understanding of the construction industry’s current approach to embodied carbon assessment; Identify perceived strengths and weaknesses of current embodied carbon assessment tools; and Identify potential areas for improvement to existing tools and recommendations for development for new embodied carbon toolsThe results of the study were presented at an Industry Utilisation Workshop, which was held at UNSW Australia on 22 May 2015. This workshop provided a platform where the tools and research related to the ICM project could be demonstrated to a wide range of industry professionals so as to gain feedback and generate discussion. The scoping study, together with the workshop, provided a means to determine where the ICM project’s future goals should be directed, so as to ensure research and tools are developed to best suit industry requirements. This report provides a summary of the scoping study’s findings and brief discussion of the workshop outcomes. 

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