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DASSH response to the call for comment on the paper Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research

28 Nov 2014

The Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DASSH) note the four ambitions of the Competitiveness Agenda (p. 2). In addition, we also acknowledge the four elements used to illustrate the claim that Australia has a poor knowledge transfer base (p. 4).


In our view, the bulk of the discussion paper presents an overly narrow conception of the factors that support translation of public research into commercial outcomes. DASSH maintains there are other important and indirect roles that public research can play in boosting the economy, creating the conditions for a business friendly environment, improving labour force skills, enhancing economic infrastructure and supporting innovative thinking.


DASSH provides a number of recommendations to the Department of Education and Department of Industry to consider when moving forward with their joint range of actions and reforms to improve Australia’s economic performance through better translation of research into commercial outcomes for Australia.

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