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Conference paper

"Let me have my own pigeon hole and copying number": developing partnerships in rural and remote schools

1 Jan 1997

In this paper, four questions of concern to Education Departments and teacher education institutions in Australia are addressed. How do we develop strategies to attract beginning teachers to rural, remote and isolated schools and how do we retain teachers in those schools? What professional development is available that values rural life? What are some of the current pre-service initiatives that prepare teachers entering rural areas? How do we meet professionall development need of teachers and pre-service teachers in rural, remore and isolated areas? This paper will draw on research from a collaborative, ARC funded study Teacher/intern Partnerships in Isolated areas. Partners in the study include, Queensland University of Technology, Education Queensland, the Priority Country Area Program, the Queensland Teachers Union and the Board of Teacher Registration. The project is designed to better prepare inexperienced teachers for the particular demands involved in teaching in rural and isolated areas. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in remote and isolated areas. The paper will focus on issues related to developing partnerships between stakeholders which facilitate reflective and interactive teaching practices. A mentor/internship model that promotes in student-interns an understanding of the needs of students and parents in their school and community will be outlined.

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