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Discussion paper

Australian Universities Accord: discussion paper

The Australian government is working to establish an Australian Universities Accord to drive lasting alignment between Australia’s high quality higher education system and national needs. This discussion paper invites input on the kind of higher education system Australia needs in two and three decades’ time...
Discussion paper

Review of the Australian Research Council: consultation paper

This consultation paper provides background to the review of the Australian Research Council Act 2001 (ARC Review) and context to the online survey questions.

Higher education research commercialisation intellectual property framework: practical guide

This guide is a resource for those undertaking transactions between universities and industry partners. The guide is based on Australian and international best practice, and draws upon guidance published by a wide range of trusted, publicly-available resources.

2021 Early childhood education and care national workforce census

The 2021 Early childhood education and care national workforce census was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, as part of a range of Australian government initiatives designed to improve the quality of information used in developing and measuring early childhood policy and programs.

Guidelines to counter foreign interference in the Australian university sector

These guidelines have been developed for, and in partnership with, the Australian university sector, to help manage and engage with risk to deepen resillience against foreign interference. They are designed to build on risk management policies and security practices already implemented by many Australian universities.