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Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis


Papua LNG project: financiers taking the risk

The author of this report argues that the sum of the financial, environmental, political and legal risks facing the Papua LNG project are issues that financiers to the project must carefully consider.

Eni's Verus not so true on net zero

The authors of this report argue that as greenwashing claims have become a focus for regulators in the United States, Europe and Australia, Eni’s sustainability credentials should not only come under greater regulatory scrutiny, but investors should also be asking questions.

Regulated electricity network prices are higher than necessary

Electricity networks are expensive businesses to run. In Australia, the economic regulation of electricity networks is undertaken by the Australian Energy Regulator. This report presents a range of recommendations to address the unnecessarily high profits being made by electricity distribution service providers.

Electric vehicles and batteries can drive growth of residential solar

This report assesses the prospects for residential solar, batteries and electric vehicles (EVs) in Britain and Germany, and looks at opportunities for near-term growth in the residential solar, battery storage and EV markets.
Briefing paper

Why renewables are the solution for Australia: the low-cost source of new electricity generation

This briefing note highlights recent technological advances that have made renewables one of the country’s fastest growing industries, and Australia a world leader in battery storage.