Family Safety Victoria


The Nargneit Birrang framework: Aboriginal holistic healing framework for family violence

The Nargneit Birrang Framework has been developed in response to the Victorian Government’s intent to develop an Aboriginal-led and co-designed statewide family violence holistic healing approach for Aboriginal communities across the state.

Report on implementation of the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Management Framework 2018-19

Commencing in September 2018, the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM) is the Victorian government's approved family violence and risk assessment and management framework. This report covers the period from September 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Strengthening the foundations: first rolling action plan 2019-22

This strategy document is the first of three action plans that will work towards achieving the long-term vision for the workforces that intersect with family violence. This vision is of a system that is flexible, dynamic, and person-centred, working together to respond to the complexity...

Everybody matters: inclusion and equity statement

This statement sets out the Victorian government's long-term vision for the creation of a family violence system that is more inclusive, responsive and accessible to all Victorians.

Preventing family violence and violence against women: capability framework

The Preventing Family Violence and Violence Against Women Capability Framework provides the foundational skill set required to deliver prevention of violence against women initiatives, with recognition that future development to encompass all forms of family violence will be required.