Office of the Privacy Commissioner (New Zealand)

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Joint inquiry by the Independent Police Conduct Authority and the Privacy Commissioner into Police conduct when photographing members of the public

A key finding from this inquiry is that where police take photographs of people in contexts outside those specific statutory situations, officers must comply with the Privacy Act and the information privacy principles within it, taking into account the status of digital photographs as sensitive...
Discussion paper

Privacy regulation of biometrics in Aotearoa New Zealand: consultation paper

Organisations are increasingly collecting people’s sensitive personal information and analysing it using biometric technology. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is seeking the views of New Zealanders on biometrics and their use in New Zealand in response to this consultation paper.

Privacy awareness and engagement in Aotearoa New Zealand: insights report May 2022

This report brings together highlights of the biennial survey and the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner's internal insights reporting to provide a fuller picture of what New Zealanders think about in relation to privacy in New Zealand, and how they utilise their privacy rights.
Discussion paper

Working with sensitive information

This document provides guidance on how the New Zealand Privacy Act applies to sensitive personal information.

GPEN sweep 2019 ‘data breach notifications’

The 2019 Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Sweep considered how organisations in various jurisdictions handle and respond to data breaches.