Behavioural Insights Unit (NSW)


How to increase voluntary participation in justice programs

This report aims to identify key behavioural drivers and barriers for engaging in voluntary, behaviour-based offender programs and to understand the behavioural characteristics and experiences of unsupervised offenders and what impacts their motivation and likelihood to engage in future support.

The Behavioural Insights Unit report: 2018

This report showcases the BIU's major projects since the last report in 2016, and sets out some of the lessons learned along the way.

Behavioural Insights in NSW: update report 2016

This report provides an update of policy achievements in New South Wales that draw on the Behavioural Insights (BI) approach. BI draws on the behavioural sciences to help us understand how people act and make decisions in everyday life — ways that are often different...

Behavioural approaches to increasing workforce diversity

This document focuses only on behavioural interventions, not structural changes or policies, such as flexible working arrangements, return-to-work options, cadetships and targeted positions.

Applying behavioural insights to return to work

It is widely recognised that long-term absence from work is harmful to physical and mental wellbeing. Returning safely and quickly to work has strong benefits for the individual, their family, employer and the broader sustainability of the workers compensation system. In March 2013, the Department...