Health Justice Australia

Position paper

Unmet legal need will worsen people’s health during COVID-19

There will be people in Australia for whom the indirect impacts of COVID-19 could be as dire as the virus itself. This position paper outlines recommendations on how to mitigate against this situation.

Joining the dots: 2018 census of the Australian health justice landscape

Health justice partnerships are collaborations that embed legal help into healthcare settings, joining the dots between the legal and social problems that make or keep people unwell. Findings from a 2018 survey on the health justice landscape are outlined in this report.
Discussion paper

Service models on the health justice landscape: a closer look at partnership

This paper explores what takes a health justice partnership beyond ‘status quo’ services in terms of purpose, structure, activity and resourcing, and notes points of difference with other service models on the health justice landscape.

Mapping a new path: the health justice landscape in Australia, 2017

Health justice partnerships are part of a growing movement that is seeing health and legal services working collaboratively to address a previously unmet legal need. Yet, until now, there has been no reliable data about the number, nature and scope of health justice partnerships across...