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Department of Tourism and Culture (NT)


Northern Territory screen industry development plan 2018 – 2020

The Territory Government has released this screen industry development plan, presenting a vision and plan to create more jobs and increase the sustainability and success of local screen businesses. Developed in consultation with the NT screen industry, the three-year plan provides a framework to support...

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: final consultation report

The Northern Territory Government is developing a world-class National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs, celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art from across the country and supporting the economic development of the town.

Strategic plan 2017-2020

This document outlines the strategic plan aimed at promoting places, participation, preservation and people in Northern Territory.

Vibrant NT: arts and culture in the Northern Territory

Informing arts and cultural policy in the Northern Territory, this strategic policy document begins in May 2016 and supports a ten-year plan for 'a thriving, imaginative and innovative creative economy where the arts, collections and cultural expression are recognised and supported as the Territory’s greatest...