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Vibrant NT: arts and culture in the Northern Territory

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Informing arts and cultural policy in the Northern Territory, this strategic policy document begins in May 2016 and supports a ten-year plan for a thriving, imaginative and innovative creative economy where the arts, collections and cultural expression are recognised and supported as the Territory’s greatest assets.

Arts and Culture are an essential element of Territory lifestyle, contributing to economic, cultural and social development.  

A reference group of five prominent Territorians with extensive experience in the arts and culture sector – filmmaker Rachel Clements, festival and events organiser Noeletta McKenzie, Darwin Aboriginal Arts Foundation Chair Franchesca Cuillo, MAGNT board member Ian Kew and art consultant and former gallery owner Karen Brown.

A Community Consultation and Policy Discussion paper was launched in October 2015. The Department of Arts and Museums received 22 written submissions and 348 survey responses to the discussion paper.

Vibrant NT will have research that measures and evaluates the real impact of arts and culture in the lives of Territorians, across a range of areas- society and community, health and wellbeing, economic strength and education.

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