Global Commission on Drug Policy


Enforcement of drug laws: refocusing on organized crime elites

This report provides an analysis of drug trafficking and its links with organised crime based on the most current evidence and with the support of experts. It exposes the failures of current policies in addressing deep-rooted issues that feed organised crime, levels of violence and...
Position paper

Drug policy and the deprivation of liberty

This report analyses the last thirty years of over-incarceration in closed settings, from prisons to migrant administrative detention and from mandatory treatment to private rehabilitation centers. The paper highlights the responsibility of the State towards people who are incarcerated, and demonstrates how their health and...
Position paper

Drug policy and the sustainable development agenda

This paper argues that it is time to rethink the overall goals of drug policies to ensure that they are aligned with the Sustainable Development Agenda.
Position paper

The opioid crisis in North America

North America is facing an epidemic of opioid addiction and opioid overdose with an unprecedented level of mortality. The crisis was spurred by a broad expansion of medical use of opioids, which began in the 1990s as a legitimate response to the under-treatment of pain...