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Policy report

Reclaiming fairness: perspectives on intergenerational equity in public policy in New Zealand

This report explores the need for a fundamental shift and reimagining of public policy-making, drawing on perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand, to build a more sustainable and equitable future.
Policy report

Public procurement for net-zero digital research infrastructure: a mission-oriented approach for UK Research and Innovation

Considering the significant challenge of decarbonising the planet, this policy report explores the role of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) in advancing net zero emissions with a focus on digital research infrastructure.
Briefing paper

Regulating Big Tech through digital disclosures

This policy brief sets out the latest thinking from UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose on how to restructure required public company financial reporting for the Big Tech industry sector.
Working paper

Entrepreneurial egalitarianism: how inequality and insecurity stifle innovation, and what we can do about it

This paper builds upon empirical evidence that more equal societies tend to be more innovative by exploring how inequality and insecurity can inhibit innovative activity at the individual level, both directly and indirectly, by diminishing the resources and capabilities which enable innovation.
Working paper

New public management and innovation policy: a systematic literature review

Innovation policy, as it is practiced today, and new public management (NPM) reforms both emerged in the 1980s. So far, there is a limited number of studies focusing on the impact of NPM reforms on innovation policy. This paper offers the first systematic literature review...