Mariana Mazzucato

Working paper

Beyond outsourcing: re-embedding the State in public value production

Public Value Theory emerged within a broader public administration paradigm that called for the re-centering of the State in the identification and management of public activities. In this paper, the authors argue that the dis-embedding of the state from the production of public value undermines...
Working paper

Governing artificial intelligence in the public interest

This paper proposes an approach for developing and shaping artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities by integrating the technologies in policies specifically geared toward a sustainable, equitable and green digital economy.
Working paper

A framework for mission-oriented innovation policy roadmapping for the SDGs: the case of plastic-free oceans

This paper proposes and tests a mission-oriented policy roadmapping framework and process to help governments and international organisations address long-term societal challenges by supporting selected high-impact missions.
Working paper

Putting value creation back into ‘public value’: from market-fixing to market-shaping

This paper examines the intellectual origins of the notion of public value and argues that it relies too heavily on an intellectual framework derived from conventional economics, where the role of the public sector is largely reactive, focused on correcting market failures to enhance economic...
Policy report

The entrepreneurial state

Innovation policy in Britain has become tired and is in need of refreshing. This pamphlet by Mariana Mazzucato, currently Professor in the Economics of Innovation at the Open University, and soon to be the new RM Phillips Chair in Science and Technology Policy at the...